2017-2017 Pontian World Class - Ποντιακή Παγκόσμια Τάξη 

Monumental archaeology and social archaeology in ancient cities of Greece and Pontus

Professor: Dr John Kafiris

Social archaeology and monumental archaeology for the two major kinds of research on ancient cities and complex societies. Archaeologists following the monumental approach excavate pyramids, temples, palaces, and other elite-related contexts. Those of us who pursue social archaeology excavate houses, workshops, and agricultural fields, or we map sites and make surface collections, all in order to reconstruct society from the bottom up. We want to learn about ancient households, their activities, their social conditions, and how these things changed through time.

TECHNICAL INTERLUDE:  the phrase "social archaeology" describes research on households and social processes (especially non-elite contexts). The term was hijacked by postmodern archaeologists who take a non-scientific approach to the past. They emphasize interpretation over explanation of the past; they focus on detailed studies of individual contexts with little comparison or generalization; and they would rather speculate about "meanings" in the past than test hypotheses about economic phenomena. This group founded a journal called "The Journal of Social Archaeology," and the term is now associated with an approach that will be determined in this course.


 Σε αυτή την τάξη εγγράφονται αρχάριοι μαθητές που δεν κατέχουν ικανοποιητικό επίπεδο κατανόησης προφορικής και γραπτής της ποντιακής διαλέκτου 

Στην παρούσα τάξη εγγράφονται όσοι παρακολούθησαν επαρκώς τα μαθήματα των ετών 2015-2016 και 2016-2017 και κατέχουν ένα ικανοποιητικό επίπεδο κατανόησης προφορικής και γραπτής της ποντιακής διαλέκτου